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CPTTM Head Office  <Map>
Rua de Xangai 175, Ed. ACM., 6-7 andar Macau
Tel: (853)28781313
Fax: (853)28788233
Email: cpttm@cpttm.org.mo
Quality Department
Function :The Quality Department provides a range of services aiming to support the local organizations to strive for ˇ§qualityˇ¨ in management:ˇ@Advisory Service, Programs for International Certification/Accreditation, Information Dissemination, Standards Sales Service, Standards and Reference Materials for Management, Professional Management Seminars and Training Courses,? Quality Club
Contact :Jenny Ho , Tel : (853)88980834
Training Development Department ˇ@
Function :Coordinate the training programs of the Center. Including free basic language training with the service of the Language Lab
Contact :1) Public Courses Tel: (853)88980848
?2) In-Housing training? Tel: (853)88980834
Professional Examination Resources Unit
Function :The Unit is to serve as a hub for the local community to obtain information and access reference materials for various professional examinations; it also acts as the office for the [Macao Center for Vocational Qualification Assessment
Contact : Joe Tai , Tel : (853)88980860

External Cooperation & Marketing Department
Function :To provide technology intermediary & consultancy services for local enterprises; to assist in their participation in technological events outside Macao; to organize such events here in Macao; to encourage the growth of technology enterprises
Contact :Jack Chang , Tel : (853)88980823
Function :Located at our Head Office opened to public with books and periodicals arranged into four major disciplines: Business and Management; Computer Science; Social Science and Applied Science. All are welcome to visit our library during our service hours (Monday ˇV Friday, 11:00AM to 7:00PM; Saturday ˇV Sunday, 10:30AM to 5:00PM).
Contact :Fion Lai , Tel : (853)88980839
Information System Department
Function :Information System department provides internal computer system and technical support, like web page design and update, hardware software implementation and update. Besides, we also provide technical consultant service upon external request.
Contact : Terence Liem , Tel : (853)88980837
Administrative Department
Human Resources Department
Function :Assisting departmental managers in hiring qualified employees; Administering staff income, benefits, etc; Maintaining staff code of conduct; Maintaining procedures to control the in and out correspondence
Contact :Antonio Carion, Tel : (853)88980845
Finance Department
Function :Responsible for the financial, accounting and resources management of the Center
Contact :Roy Lau, Tel : (853)88980846
General Affairs
Function :Organize and collaborate with other departments in various events/ exhibitions/ seminars/in-house activities engaged by CPTTM
Contact :Rosita Gaspar, Tel : (853)88980819
CPTTM House of Apparel Technology  <Map>
Rua dos pescadores, Ed. Industrial Ocean, II Fase, 10-Andar Macau
Tel: (853)88980701
Fax: (853)28312079
Email: cpttm_hat@cpttm.org.mo
Apparel Technology Department ˇ@
Function :To assist local garment industry and enterprises to increase their productivity and to shorten production time, ensuring their competitiveness. Service scope included technological support, introduction of advanced equipment and training.
Contact : Ms Victoria Alexa Kuan , Tel : (853)88980701
CPTTM Cyber-Lab  <Map>
Rua comandante mata oliveira Ed. Associao industrial, 3-andar Macau
Tel: (853)88980601
Fax: (853)28373085
Email: cpttm2@cpttm.org.mo
Information Technology Department ˇ@
Function :Department objectives and services - Introduce the new concepts, new technologies, trends and best practices emerging in the IT industry into Macao. - Enhance the knowledge, skills and marketability of the IT professionals. - Assist the non-IT professionals in obtaining an IT career. - Facilitate the adoption of IT in the Macau businesses and organizations.
Contact :Kent Tong , Tel : (853)88980601

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