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  • Fashion Encounter – Fashion Designer Exchange Exhibition between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries

    Fashion Encounter – Fashion Designer Exchange Exhibition between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries


    Macao has been nurtured by Chinese and Portuguese cultures for more than 400 years and maintains close ties and exchanges with Portuguese-speaking countries in terms of economics, religion, and customs, as well as humanities and society. In order to establish the city as a “Cultural Exchange Center between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, Macao has been strengthening its ties with Portuguese-speaking countries in recent years, and the continuous exchanges have enriched the cultural and creative aspects of people’s lives and spirits. When it comes to fashion design, despite the differences between Chinese and Western cultural roots, the search for the highest level of aesthetics remains the same, and this is where the unique charm of fashion is born.  

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  • Medida actualizada sobre a entrada em Macau através dos postos fronteiriços entre Zhuhai-Macau (19/09/2022)

    O grupo de Macau do Mecanismo de prevenção e controlo conjunto Zhuhai-Macau foi notificado pela parte de Zhuhai do seguinte:

    Conforme a situação epidémica actual, após o consenso obtido através do mecanismo de prevenção e controlo conjunto Zhuhai-Macau, avisa-se por este meio que a partir das 06h00 do dia 19 de Setembro de 2022, as pessoas que entram em Zhuhai através dos postos fronteiriços Zhuhai-Macau necessitam de apresentar o certificado de teste de ácido nucleico com resultado negativo, realizado nas últimas 48 horas. Mantêm-se as outras medidas vigentes de prevenção e controlo da epidemia nos postos fronteiriços Zhuhai-Macau.  

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  • 2022.07.27 Metaverse New Era-Development Trend and Application of Virtual Fashion

    中心與(RE)CREATE市場策略顧問公司合辦了“元宇宙新時代:虛擬時尚發展趨勢及應用”線上講座,由(RE)CREATE市場策略顧問公司朱素誼小姐講解時尚行業在元宇宙中的發展及新趨勢,同時探討區塊鏈技術如何影響產業,並由XR Space艾克薩視界科技有限公司的陳安婕小姐分享個案經驗。參加者表示講座資訊內容非常豐富,有助讓業界人士及學員了解新興科技,從而提升產值及競爭力。  

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  • 2022.07.27 “元宇宙新時代:虛擬時尚發展趨勢及應用”線上講座

    中心與(RE)CREATE市場策略顧問公司合辦了“元宇宙新時代:虛擬時尚發展趨勢及應用”線上講座,由(RE)CREATE市場策略顧問公司朱素誼小姐講解時尚行業在元宇宙中的發展及新趨勢,同時探討區塊鏈技術如何影響產業,並由XR Space艾克薩視界科技有限公司的陳安婕小姐分享個案經驗。參加者表示講座資訊內容非常豐富,有助讓業界人士及學員了解新興科技,從而提升產值及競爭力。  

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  • Fashion · Fantasy – Greater Bay Area Fashion Exhibition

    Fashion · Fantasy – Greater Bay Area Fashion Exhibition


    Rapid advances in modern technology have enriched the material and cultural experience in all aspects of human life, and fashion is no exception. Thanks to the latest technologies, fabrics are constantly evolving. Creative exploration, research and development by designers have improved fabrics such as velvet, cotton, and linen to include functionality and technological elements, for example, nanofabrics. Such an advancement broadens the possibilities for design innovation and improves the quality of life and the wearing experience, taking fashion to an even higher level.  

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  • 2022.04.13 Webinar on 3D Virtual Fashion Technology(Finished)

    With the global trend of digitalization, the marriage of technology and fashion brings forth new development opportunities for the industry.  From online fashion releases to virtual fashion shows, many fashion brands are now using virtual technology and cross-media integration to assimilate technology hotspots into their products, helping to create widespread delivery of their brand values to the view of global audience.

    To entice Macao creative fashion industry to use such technology, CPTTM hosted a webinar on “3D Fashion Design: Application and Trend of Virtual Fashion Technology” on 13th April 2022.  Representative from CLO Virtual fashion HK Limited was invited as speaker to talk about market values and advantages bring forth by virtual fashion technology.  Speaker also talked about key points in creating virtual fashion show, using CLO 3D fashion design software to demonstrate fashion design, enabling participants to grasp the constructive concept of these related technology.  

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  • 2022.04.13 3D服裝設計:虛擬時裝技術應用及趨勢線上講座(已完結)


    為推動澳門時尚創意業界應用該技術,中心與CLO Virtual Fashion香港分部合辦“3D服裝設計:虛擬時裝技術應用及趨勢線上講座”,邀請CLO Virtual Fashion香港分部代表擔任主講嘉賓,講述虛擬時裝技術帶來的市場價值和優勢,架設虛擬時裝秀的要點,並以CLO 3D服裝設計軟件即時演示及設計款式,讓參加者掌握相關技術的建構理念。  

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