2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion ExhibitionII

2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion ExhibitionII


In the wonderful, splendid and fantastic fashion world, new styles are born every season, every month and every day. While earnestly following the pace of fashion, how many people care about the stories behind fashion creation and try to understand designers’ ideas and messages? The fact is that intriguing stories are to be explored behind all types of superb and brilliant fashion pieces. Fashion designers create fashion with wisdom, display unique styles on works with exquisite craftsmanship and narrate brand stories through the works, allowing audiences to feel their passion and thoughts.

The SAR government vigorously promotes the local cultural and creative industries and lots of local original fashion brands are gearing themselves up. With promoting the development of Macao’s fashion art and related cultural and creative industry as its mission, the Macao Fashion Gallery will continue to organize the “2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition”, providing a platform for local fashion brands to launch and sell their own works to the public, through open call for brands, followed by evaluation and selection.

Six fashion labels including ella épeler, MACON, Lexx Moda, ZICS, GODDESS ARMOUR and SANCHIALAU will be featuring at the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into three phases, with two brands to be shown in each phase. The event will start with the show of ella épeler, a brand that encompasses illustration and totem art, and MACON that represents metropolitan retro and modern leisure style. They are followed by Lexx Moda, the women’s shoe brand combining both style and comfort, and ZICS with black-white-gray architectural aesthetics. The exhibition will be concluded by GODDESS ARMOUR, which integrates geometry and court style design and SANCHIALAU, which demonstrates the fashion art of contemporary women. The audience will have the chance to experience completely different brand stories. At the same time, the venue provides space for participating brands to sell their fashion collections.

Brand introductionLexx Moda

Lexx Moda is a women’s shoes brand that highlights women’s personalities. The product lines it has launched each quarter all have a unique theme, and are launched to the market through large footwear exhibitions. The brand has gained recognition of and cooperation with large well-known companies. The products are usually launched in the form of best-selling brand series, adding infinite impetus on the way to create its own brand.

The brand is proud of its own design. The design inspiration comes from the designer’s personal experiences and feelings about the characteristics of local culture in different places, especially from handicrafts and designs in other countries and regions. In addition, designers dare to adopt different elements and materials in design to keep personal style, emphasizing the practicability of overall modelling and attempting to make quality, type, and comfort coexist in each product.

Brand DesignerSANJO IONG

Lexx Moda was founded by SANJO IONG in Northampton in United Kingdom in 2002, mainly selling women’s shoes designed by herself. IONG began to sell her design outside United Kingdom as she took part in shoes exhibitions all over Europe. Having established a company in Macao in 2003, she began to develop her individual women’s shoes brand by participating in exhibitions. IONG believes that casual slippers or flats with strong sense of personality best represent the brand’s design style. The designers are fond of new attempts on selections of colors and materials, trying to demonstrate their love for shoes on every work.

Exhibition theme :HOLI- Festival of India

The design inspiration of this season’s products comes from the colorful HOLI, an Indian festival when people spray and paint varicolored powders on the streets to give blessings and in return, gain joy through it. The theme of this season’s products is advocating the idea of positively facing life, and bringing love and vitality to Lexx Moda’s works.
This season’s product lines use the concept of the HOLI’s bright-colored powders as contrast. The actual demand is taken into consideration that fabrics for winter shoes are usually in dark colors so that painted leather that is close to the color of powders is utilized as lining materials. Black, white, and warm-color leather and cloth are used alternately as fabrics. In addition to making the products more attractive, it is hoped to use the effect of colorful powder to show the feelings of happiness and vivaciousness.


Brand introductionZICS

“ZICS” Brings a Neutral and Personalized Image of Black, Gray and White to the City

The brand creation idea is to explore themes with experimental sense in the diversified urban life, create wearable and unique costumes with simple tailoring and personalized details, build a neutral image, and explore the possibility of asymmetry and hierarchy. “ZICS” wants to create a subtle connection with the wearer and the city through every piece of costume.

Brand DesignerSan Lei

Graduated from the Department of Integrated Design of Macao Polytechnic Institute and attended the “Diploma Course in Fashion Design and Production” in the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre. Created the local independent fashion design brand “ZICS” subsequently and participated in many fashion shows and exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China. Once invited by the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre to join the MaConsef incubation program and responsible for costume series design and fabric pattern design; also participated in the costume design for local musicals and various theatres. Now enjoys a wide range of creative life. In addition to fashion design, theatre costume design, graphic design and interior design are also covered.


This season’s collection continues to implement the brand style. With the hope of finding fun in the fast-paced urban life, the designer especially uses striped fabric and the row-pleated method to express numerous working papers and tight schedules, brings vitality to the rigid urban life through irregular and layered tailoring, and displays a new season of spring/summer fashion collection.

The layout of the exhibition hall is the extension of the costume creation idea, which turns the site into a corner of the studio, not an office of general stereotypes, but a place that brings a difference to the fast-paced urban life in a funny way; the large clock on the wall represents the rhythm of urban life; the notepaper pasted all over the wall and the featured wall at the back of the office desk can be used to record the work schedule and creative ideas at will.

Macao Fashion Gallery

Exhibition Date:6/4-23/6/2019

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Mondays, open on public holidays)

Venue: Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macao

Enquiries: (853) 2835 3341 (during office hours)

Website: www.macaofashiongallery.com

Free admission

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