2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion ExhibitionIII

2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion ExhibitionIII


In the wonderful, splendid and fantastic fashion world, new styles are born every season, every month and every day. While earnestly following the pace of fashion, how many people care about the stories behind fashion creation and try to understand designers’ ideas and messages? The fact is that intriguing stories are to be explored behind all types of superb and brilliant fashion pieces. Fashion designers create fashion with wisdom, display unique styles on works with exquisite craftsmanship and narrate brand stories through the works, allowing audiences to feel their passion and thoughts.

The SAR government vigorously promotes the local cultural and creative industries and lots of local original fashion brands are gearing themselves up. With promoting the development of Macao’s fashion art and related cultural and creative industry as its mission, the Macao Fashion Gallery will continue to organize the “2019 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition”, providing a platform for local fashion brands to launch and sell their own works to the public, through open call for brands, followed by evaluation and selection.

Six fashion labels including ella épeler, MACON, Lexx Moda, ZICS, GODDESS ARMOUR and SANCHIALAU will be featuring at the exhibition. The exhibition is divided into three phases, with two brands to be shown in each phase. The event will start with the show of ella épeler, a brand that encompasses illustration and totem art, and MACON that represents metropolitan retro and modern leisure style. They are followed by Lexx Moda, the women’s shoe brand combining both style and comfort, and ZICS with black-white-gray architectural aesthetics. The exhibition will be concluded by GODDESS ARMOUR, which integrates geometry and court style design and SANCHIALAU, which demonstrates the fashion art of contemporary women. The audience will have the chance to experience completely different brand stories. At the same time, the venue provides space for participating brands to sell their fashion collections.

Brand introductionGODDESS ARMOUR

GODDESS ARMOUR is a clothing brand under Potinja Group Limited. Currently, it mainly offers underwear, swimwear, and high-heeled shoes. It intends to launch a series of women’s products, including handbags, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics. Its target customers are office ladies between 20 to 35 years old. GODDESS ARMOUR reflects their sexy image via its lingering charm. “A woman with attitude.” is the slogan of the brand.

Brand DesignerPOTINJA CHOI

POTINJA CHOI majored in photography and video editing at a junior college. Later, she went to Rome and London to study Italian and English, respectively. Before starting the brand, she served as student affairs administrator at an international language school. She analyzed and followed up the situation of students. The brand was founded in January 2018. And the debut fashion show was held in June of the same year. Invited by a French champagne company in September, a simple and exciting fashion show was held at a shopping mall next to Milan Cathedral.

Exhibition theme:MY CONFORT ZONE

The theme of exhibition is the nature. Heavy work pressure makes it difficult for every urban resident to breathe. In addition to shopping, people basically choose to leave their cities for a sightseeing tour. Even in winter, not a few people escape the cold by traveling to Thailand or other tropical areas. The designers hope to expand the imagination space of visitors through the setting and lead the public to return to the nature and relieve the tension.


Brand introductionSANCHIALAU

SANCHIALAU, founded in 2017, pays attention to the unique quality of modern women. Leveraging the creating techniques of the contemporary art, it interprets the spiritual and emotional features of females from the perspective of fashion art, conveys the “art in the wardrobe” into life, and turns life into a “gallery of fashion art”.

The brand’s creation integrates clothing and fabrics (knitted fabric, textile printing, and embroidery). It highlights the design and development of creative printing as well as crossover cooperation, including original artistic printing design, artistic printing products, crossover project planning, and fashion art education.

Brand DesignerSANCHIA LAU

SANCHIA LAU studied at Central Saint Martins and Central Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in fabric design and fashion design. She is the founder and chief designer of the brand, “SANCHIALAU”, under her name. Meanwhile, she works as the Senior Chief Planner of Crossover Art, Creative Business Department, Harper’s BAZAAR, in charge of crossover art projects and art and fashion activities, including “BAZAAR Photography” and “BAZAAR Wardrobe”. SANCHIA LAU has exhibited her works in places like London, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Macao, including “Textile and Wearable Art”, the solo fashion exhibition of “Dreams in Spring”, and “GRAHAM & Brown I-dott”. Besides the design of textile printing and exhibitions, she actively throws herself into fashion art education. In 2017, she was invited to launch Fashion & Art Youth Workshop by the Macao Museum of Art.

Exhibition theme :SANCHIALAU Art Gallery of Fashion Art Wardrobe

SANCHIA LAU, together with other artists, performs secondary art creation based on the elements in artists’ works, transforms the elements into printing, and applies them to fashion derivatives, daily necessities, and household supplies. Through the layout and decoration similar to a theater, she tells stories on Macao’s fashion art. She combines the lasting appeal of old bricks and tiles, the style of modern architecture, the charm of Chinese characteristics, and the exotic atmosphere of Portugal to convey the idea that “art walks into life; life integrates into art”. Meanwhile, she creates products with characteristics of Macao with printing and pattern, reflects the unique artistry of printing design, encourages local art creation, and promotes the combination of fashion, cultural creativity, products, and industry.

Macao Fashion Gallery

Exhibition Date:29/6-15/9/2019

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Mondays, open on public holidays)

Venue: Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macao

Enquiries: (853) 2835 3341 (during office hours)

Website: www.macaofashiongallery.com

Free admission

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