Spring Pop-up Shop 2017

Spring Pop up Shop 2017

To promote Macao Fashion Industry, the Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) continues to hold the brand activity “Pop Up Shop” in 2017. We will exhibit and sell original apparel and accessories of local designers in a designated period of time, in order to help them develop business opportunities and provide more sales channels for local products. The Spring Pop Up Shop includes six local brands this time: “AURALO ARTE”, “AXOXYXOXS”, “JADE.L”, “Lalaismi Wai”, “MACON”and “ZICS”.

“AURALO ARTE”,features a perfect combination of art and gorgeousness, designing trendy and unique clothes. Haute couture production methods have been employed in every detail. The colors of the couture show a beautiful evolution and illusion from black to multi-color, just like the aurora dancing beautifully in the dark night.

“AXOXYXOXS” represents a group of people who are not labeled or confined by convention, instead, pursuing freedom, independence and dreams.

AXOXYXOXS’ design accents details and originality without the sacrifice of being wearable and easy to mix & match. Minimalist cuttings with unconscious details present low-key, graceful and casual urban chic. AXOXYXOXS conveys an uncompromising attitude and ambition for change.

“JADE.L” is a local fashion label, focusing on the idea of neutral aesthetics. With the persistence of revealing its product’s texture and detail, JADE.L penetrated its own style in its products. JADE.L designs are strongly inspired by the idea “Be yourself”, therefore, its products are not focusing on fashion trend, but to show its unique interpretation of beauty and style, building up a Macao local neutral fashion label.

“Lalaismi Wai” is a brand named after the designer Lalaismi Wai, who launches the brand with her own girly-glam dressing style that is rich in color and uses lots of printings. Lalaismi Wai focuses on easy mix & match of comfortable, personalized and simple fashions, bringing unique daily clothing style for girls.

“MACON”, founded in 2013. It is the first original Macao brand to launch on T-Mall, an online integrated shopping platform. The design style of MACON centers on “slow life, light trip”, with its products having comfort and simplicity as their main tone to create the sense of unisex and youth arts.

“ZICS” brand was established in 2009. The design is experimenting with black, grey and white, by finding the level of layering and asymmetry. This is a boyfriend smart style collection, and has once exhibited at Macau Fashion Festival and Hong Kong Fashion Week. It is expanding to different fashion areas, such as theatrical costumes and accessories.

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