“Back-Office Digital Support Services for SMEs 2023” is now accepting applications.

In order to advance the digital transformation of Macao traditional SMEs in marketing, payment and routine operation, expand their remote business channels, reduce their operating cost, and improve their management and operational efficiency, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center launched the scheme for back-office digital support services for SMEs 2023

The ” back-office digital support services for SMEs 2023″ is open to retail, wholesale, life services, catering or manufacturing enterprises in Macao. Through this program, SMEs will receive digital operation cognition courses and such services as operation mode diagnosis and reform scheme assessment. Eligible enterprises can also receive a suitable solution tools to make their digital transformation easy and accurate. For the enterprises that have participated in and been funded by the 2021 and 2022 Back-Office Electronic Funding Schemes in the Catering Industry, this will be an upgraded scheme.

The registration period for the program is from now until August 4th. The selection and ranking of applications will be conducted by lottery, and the results will be announced on August 8th on the center’s website. Interested enterprises can register at https://www.cpttm.org.mo/SMEtech2023/


Last updated at 2023-07-04.