The new “Diploma in Fashion Design and Manufacturing Course” accepts registration (ATD167-05-2020-C)

CPTTM has always been dedicated to discovering and nurturing high-quality local fashion design talents through different fashion design courses, and the ” Diploma in Fashion Design and Manufacturing Course” is one of the key courses of the center. The new course is now enrolling, and those who are interested are welcome to take the opportunity to apply.

Welcome to visit the following webpage to view the course details:

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Full Human Body Sketching (ATD416.2-06-2018-C)

Besides possessing an abundance of creativity, an outstanding fashion designer also possesses a sharp observation and articulation power on the subject of art.

In order to nurture the diversified artistic prowess of students, CPTTM had organized a “Full Human Body Sketching” course in June last year.  Models were arranged to pose in different poses, allow students to view models in different angles and to practice quick sketching.  The exercises allowed students to better understand the bone and muscle structure of the human body, how to capture the charms and features of the object, as well as the change of the human form through body motions.  This will improve students’ sense of aesthetics and meticulous observation power, helping them to better use related techniques in fashion sketching, thereby better able to express their abstract design concepts to the audience.  

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Production of Haute Couture Wedding Dress (ATP362.2-10-2018-C)

In today’s society, people continuously going after more stylish and better-quality products.  Comparing to products coming from a factory production line, haute couture fashion places more emphasis on fine details, individualized design, accurate pattern making, and meticulous tailoring techniques.  The entire production process needs to be flawless.  As a result, products made with this high-quality haute couture tailoring process fit better and are more comfortable.  This is a market with great potentials.  

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Fashion Design and Manufacturing 2017/2018 Diploma Programme Graduation Show (ATD167-03-2017-C)

The “Fashion Design and Manufacturing 2017/2018 Diploma Programme Graduation Show”, which was organized by CPTTM and sponsored by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, has been successfully held at Lotus Room, World Trade Center, on 24th November.  Students put in all their efforts to create their graduation collections for the show.  Each collection reflected the ingenious thoughts that the student has injected, fully manifesting the raving creativity of this new generation of Macao fashion designers.  

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