Macao Fashion Gallery

The Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region is devoted to promoting the development of cultural and creative industries so as to encourage the adequate diversification of economy. In order to implement and collaborate with governmental development guidelines, the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center jointly co-operated and established “Macao Fashion Gallery” in July 2012 to promote the development of Macao’s clothing and related cultural and creative industries.

Macao Fashion Gallery, located at Rua de S. Roque, No.47, Macao, is a three-storey building with European style, and is a part of the Parish of São Lázaro, which was listed by the government in the protection of cultural property. In recent years, diversified cultural activities have become popular in the Parish of São Lázaro, such as outdoor fashion show, cultural exhibition, cultural and creative stall, etc. Combining with the Portuguese sidewalks and European Continent style buildings, it is full of creative and young atmosphere, which is an ideal place to present the achievements of Macao’s fashion design.

Macao Fashion Gallery holds exhibitions, pop-up stores, seminars, workshops and other activities regularly. It has gradually become a displaying and selling venue  assembling Macao fashion design and attracted visitors from various regions. In addition to holding fashion design exhibitions, there is also a place for selling local creative and cultural products and selected brands, allowing visitors to purchase their favorite products during visit.

Besides organizing exhibitions and events for local fashion designers, Macao Fashion Gallery displays the fashion works of the designers abroad occasionally. It helps to reinforce the exchange between local designers and foreigners, introducing the latest national and international fashion information and trend to Macao, promoting fashion art in Macao and increase Macao’s reputation in Asia and in the international communities.

Macao Fashion Gallery

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Mondays, open on public holidays)

Venue: Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macao

Enquiries: (853) 2835 3341 (during office hours)


Free admission

Last updated at 2020-07-10.