Community Training Program


Through the CPTTM Community Training Program(CCTP), CPTTM decides to offer supports to organizations providing IT training and to assist them to hold corresponding IT training courses. The operating method is as follow:

  1. CPTTM designs corresponding IT training program.
  2. CPTTM provides free lecture material and authorize Community training centers to duplicate and use it.
  3. CPTTM provides free instructor training;
  4. CPTTM provides technical support to Community training centers.;
  5. CPTTM will help Community training centers to advertise their programs. (The advertising method is determined by (CPTTM);
  6. CPTTM authorized the program held by Community training centers and allows them to use the logo of “CPTTM authorized Community Training Centers” in their marketing materials.
  7. CPTTM and Community training centers can award training certificates contemporary.
  8. Community training centers can hold correlated courses.
  9. Community training centers must promise to execute the quality control standards that set up by CPTTM.
  10. Community training centers allow CPTTM to implement periodic or non-periodic quality audit.

Objective and Advantage:

  1. With the help of Community training centers, CPTTM can use its budgeted resources to achieve the greatest outcome. The enrolment quota of IT training courses can be higher than just simply offering the courses by us and this can cater the needs of the enormous amount of talented people who are in the elementary IT level
  2. CPTTM can allocate more resources to intermediate and advanced level IT training courses and import foreign advanced technology. This can help focus our efforts on talented people who reach the intermediary and advanced level. The needs of this group of people are less than the elementary group. However, they play an important role in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides, in order to successfully provide trainings to such intermediary and advanced group, training centers should be sensitive, have a broadened view, plenty of training experience, a management concept based on the good of the society and backed up by plenty of resources. Ordinary training centers may not be competent enough in this case. Thus, CPTTM will concentrate its effort to play this important role.
  3. CPTTM can reduce interlaping of service with other organizations in the society.
  4. CPTTM can control the quality of courses organized by other community training centers and increase assurance of citizens.
  5. Every Community training centers can hold more courses and accept more students and this helps in their further development.
  6. Every Community training centers can input more lecturers and administrators and this can help reducing the level of unemployment.

How to become a Community Training Center of CPTTM?

  1. Please contact CPTTM (8980601), and inform us that your organization or company has interest to join the Community Training Program;
  2. Understanding the content of the program;
  3. Fill in and sign the Community Training Center contract;
  4. Send at least one instructor to CPTTM to receive training;
  5. Participate in the CCTC scheme and organize courses opening tasks;
  6. Instructors need to pass the training courses.
  7. CCTC needs to submit the drafted course schedule to CPTTM so as to help them to advertise;
  8. Open courses within one year of the contract;
  9. Courses will be audited after they end

For any inquiries, please contact 88980601.

Last updated at 2020-05-09.