Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center

CPTTM Cyberlab Contact
Phone: Tel: 88980601
Fax: 28373085
Address: Rua Comandante Mata Oliveria, Edf. Associacao Industrial, 3 Andar.
Available Test Time: Monday to Friday
AM 9:30 ~ PM 5:30
Notices about Exam Registration and Candidate Regulations:
1.  Registration methods:

  • Online Registration :
    • Go to VUE website to create your account and register there. (Recommended !)
  • Walk-in Registration :
    • Come over CPTTM Cyberlab to make the registration and pay the fee.
  • Note 1: All registrations should be done 3 days before the examination date.
  • Note 2: You should check if the exam you are planning to take is available in our center from VUE website.
2. Please register 3 days before you want to take the exam. If you need to change the exam schedule, please contact us 24 hours before the exam time.
3. After registering for exam, you should receive an email confirmation from VUE. If you haven’t got it the day before the exam, you must contact VUE or CPTTM Cyberlab by phone.
4. Please bring and show two kinds of Identification on the day of your examination (One must contains your photo and the other needs not and both of them need to have your signature there.)
5.  Exam fees are subject dependence, all the fees are setup by VUE and subject to be changed (Please check VUE website). You may pay by either cash or credit card.

<Remark: All the exam price is set by VUE, we will charge the candidate according to the exam fee  displayed by VUE Exam System.>

6. Please come to exam on time. If you are late for 15 mins or more, we cannot guartanee that we can provide the exam to you if there is other candidates’ schedule. If so, the exam fee will not be returned.
7. You must conform to the exam rules. You cannot bring anything into the exam room. There are lockers in CPTTM Cyberlab for you to store your personal belongings temporarily and we will provide VUE erasable draft sheet and marker pen to you. After finishing the exam, please return the draft sheet and marker pen to us. We are empowered to stop and cancel your exam if you violate the exam rules.

Note : While admitting the Cisco certificate examinations, Cisco requires us to take digital photo of you and record your signature electronically. These data will be sent back to VUE later on and we will NOT use these data in other areas.

Last updated at 2020-07-22.