“The 1st Macao Vocational English Contest” – Results

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經過評審團嚴謹、專業的評選後,得出大專組及公開組兩個組別的比賽結果。恭喜得獎隊伍! 稍後本中心會有專人聯絡各獲獎隊伍及參賽隊伍安排有關領獎及領取考試券等事項。  

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LCCI Diploma

LCCI Diploma fact file

An LCCI Diploma requires a combination of three qualifications at Level 3 (or Level 2 if applicable)

An LCCI Advanced Diploma requires a combination of four or more qualifications at Level 3 (or Level 2 if applicable)

The qualifying period for each Diploma/Advanced Diploma is 24 months

Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas are comprised of core units and optional units (where applicable)

Some of the Diploma combinations do not have optional units to choose from. In this instance, all core subjects should be completed in order to obtain the Diploma.  

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ACCA Computer Based Exams

考試名稱 Exam

ACCA Computer Based Exams



ACCA (特許公認會計師公會)是全球極具規模的國際專業會計組織,為全世界有志投身於財務、 會計以及管理領域的專才提供首選的資格認證。ACCA成立1904年,現有分布在 180 個國家的 198,000 名會員和 486,000 名學員,通過推廣全球認可和推薦的資格證書,爲職業生涯創造更大的機會。

ACCA(the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. It offers business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. ACCA supports its 198,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries, helping them to develop successful careers in accounting and business, with the skills required by employers.


Exam Method

以電腦進行考試 Computer Based Exams


Exam Subjects

& Fees

Foundations in Accountancy

Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)

Management Information (MA1)

Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)

Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)

Mop 780

Per Subject

Accountant in Business (FAB)

Financial Accounting (FFA)

Management Accounting (FMA)

Mop 1140

Per Subject

ACCA Qualification

Accountant in Business (AB)

Management Accounting (MA)

Financial Accounting (FA)

Mop 1140

Per Subject

Corporate and Business Law (LW-ENG)

Corporate and Business Law (LW-GLO)

Mop 1310

Per Subject


Exam Dates

2020-03-25 10:30am (最後報名日期 Last Registration Date : 2020-03-18) 取消

2020-04-15 10:30am (最後報名日期 Last Registration Date : 2020-04-08)

2020-05-13 10:30am (最後報名日期 Last Registration Date : 2020-05-06)


For each date, only one subject can be enrolled.

時長 Duration

2 hours for each exam



考生必須已註冊成為 ACCA會員

Candidates must registered as ACCA members


#Please confirm your qualification indicator before registration.


Enrollment Procedure

1. 填妥報名表格

Fill in enrollment form

2. 提交身份證明文件副本 *(備註1)

Submit ID copy *(Note 1)

3. 繳交考試費用 (暫未適用PDAC)

Pay exam fee



澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心 – 專業考試資源中心

CPTTM – Professional Exam Resources Unit

網址/Website: www.cpttm.org.mo/qualification


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電話/Tel: (853)28781313

地址: 澳門上海街175號中華總商會大廈七樓

Address : Rua de Xangai, 175, Ed. ACM, 7th Fl., Macau

* 生產力中心保留更改以上考試安排的權利。

* CPTTM reserves the right to change any other arrangements for the above examinations.

#Please see below a table showing a list of the qualification indicators along with the CBEs available for each qualification.

Qualification Indicator

Qualification name and exams available by CBE


Foundations in Accountancy: FA1, MA1, FA2, MA2, FAB, FFA, FMA


ACCA Qualification: AB, MA, FA, LW (ENG), LW (GLO)

Previous exam name

New equivalent exam name

New exam code


F1 Accountant in Business

Accountant in Business


Accountant in Business (AB)

F2 Management Accounting

Management Accounting


Management Accounting (MA)

F3 Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting


Financial Accounting (FA)

F4 Corporate and Business Law (ENG)

Corporate and Business Law English variant


Corporate and Business Law (LW-ENG)

F4 Corporate and Business Law (GLO)

Corporate and Business Law Global variant


Corporate and Business Law (LW-GLO)

備註 Note 1:
澳門居民:澳門居民身份證或護照, 非本澳居民: 護照或通行證
Macau Resident: Macau ID card or Passport, Non-Macau Resident: Passport or EEP

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