EIMS – Introductory training on employee information management system

Today, enterprises have long term storage of employee information and record, and this information is used to generate different kinds of reports when needed.  For most of the small and middle-sized enterprises, reports are done manually – from sorting out records to exporting relevant information.  This lower job efficiency yet have a higher tendency of making mistakes.  Aiming to solve this problem, CPTTM has launched an “EIMS-employee information management system” providing enterprises an automatic and a more efficient way to generate various reports.

This system is used to record and manage various employee information.  When you need to generate a report, for example, an “employment certificate”, all you need to do is to select the correct time and employee, and you can print the certificate directly, you can also put in more details if necessary.  This system’s main functions and features include registering and managing employees’ various working records, generating salary statement, printing various reports based on employee information, and Chinese interface, etc.

Regardless the size of a company, complex internal management procedures are involved.  Large enterprises can afford using a whole set of computerized system to handle the job in a high efficiency way, while small and middle-sized enterprises find it complicated and too expensive to apply.  CPTTM is devoted in introducing advanced informative technology to help local small and middle-sized enterprise in computerizing its business and management procedures, so as to improve its efficiency and to allocate human resources to focus on company’s core business.  CPTTM has launched “SQL-Ledger”, a free software, earlier upon accounting needs to enhance enterprises’ daily accounting work.

The release of “EIMS-employee information management system” is also a series of free softwares (only for MOP 50).  Free softwares are developed under cooperation from developers world-wide, most of which are used by companies themselves.  Also, these softwares usually contain powerful functions yet can be consumed at a very low cost or even for free.  One disadvantage is that when users encounter any difficulties, they find it hard to get help or technical support.  Having foreseen this drawback, CPTTM provides not only this free software but also training courses and technical support for users.

Employee Information

Employee Timesheet


Suitable for all small and middle-sized enterprises.  Using this system in replacing manual reports to generate more accurate reports in an automatic and a more efficient way.


CPTTM is launching relative courses regularly regarding this system to assist users learning more about its functions. (For more details, kindly visit our site at http://www.cpttm.org.mo/training).

If you encounter any technical problem, you can consult us through our IT Support Forum at http://www2.cpttm.org.mo/forum or contact us at 28781313, 88980829 or via email to ispu@cpttm.org.mo.


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