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LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is a long-established professional qualification certificate in the United Kingdom and one of the world’s authoritative and highly-recognized employer-related qualifications in the business field. LCCI aims to provide learners with targeted professional skills and knowledge to help them achieve relevant industry skill qualifications. Its covering areas including English language, finance and quantitative, marketing and customer service and business, administration and information technology(IT).

 The Macao Productivity and Technology Transfer Center(CPTTM) is the designated test center for the Pearson LCCI Qualifications Examination in Macao. In addition to holding LCCI Series Exams, our center also conducts On-demand Exams for individual exam subject according to customer needs.

Series Exam Schedule and Fee

December 2021 – Registration closed

January 2022 – Registration closed

April 2022 – Registration closed

June 2022 – Registration closed

July 2022 –Postponement

September 2022 – Registration closed

November 2022 – Registration closed

December 2022 – Registration: 21 Sep 2022 to 17 Oct 2022


Individual or Group Registration

Examination Result

The latest Exam Result: June 2022 series exam  

Past Paper

Past Paper can be downloaded from LCCI official website or order from CPTTM, click here for details


A result slip and a certificate will be issued by LCCI (certificate is only for candidates who pass the exam)  

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