ZICS was created in 2009, using black, white, and grey to create an urban chic which is gender neutral and individualistic.

ZICS experimented with themes inspired by the diversity of urban life. With minimal cutting and subtle details, ZICS has been crafting wearable but unique collections, creating gender neutral image and exploring the possibility of asymmetry and layering.

ZICS aims to establish a link between every pieces of its clothes as well as that intricate link between the clothes, the wearers, and the city.

The Designer

San Lee graduated in Design from Macao Polytechnic Institute. From 2007 to 2008, he studied and graduated from “Diploma Program for Fashion Design and Manufacture” offered by CPTTM. After graduation, he actively participated in fashion shows and exhibitions. From 2009 to 2012, he was invited to join the CPTTM Fashion Incubator Program, Maconsef, as fashion and fabric pattern designer. San created his own fashion label, ZICS, in 2009. He enjoys his busy life working in fashion design, theatrical costumes, as well as graphic and interior design.