What does an Occupational Skill Testing include?

An Occupational Skill Testing principally includes 3 areas: occupational knowledge, operational skill and occupational ethic, which are determined by national occupational skill standards, occupational skill testing norms (that is, assessment outline) and corresponding teaching materials.

How many levels are there in a National Vocational Qualification Certificate for different trades?

There are 5 levels for a National Vocational Qualification Certificate: Levels 1 and 2 are of technical level while Levels 3, 4 and 5 are of skill level.


流程圖: 程序: Technical









流程圖: 程序: Skill Level

What is the mode for an Occupational Skill Testing?

An Occupational Skill Testing on the skill level is generally divided into two parts: theory knowledge assessment and operational skill testing. Theory knowledge assessment is usually adopted by means of a written examination while operational skill testing is usually conducted by an on-the-site processing of a typical work piece, production of tasks and mock operation. Marks are based on 100, with over 60 for both parts considered as pass, over 80 as good and over 95 as excellent.

An Occupational Skill Testing on the technical level, apart from theory knowledge assessment and operational skill testing, also includes the writing of an essay and/or the conduction of a comprehensive review (occupational ethics, work achievement, passing of one’s techniques).


Which entity will issue National Vocational Qualification Certificates?

Individuals who pass assessment organized by any labor department of the state, province or city are awarded by the respective occupational skill testing authority of the Government a National Vocational Qualification Certificate, uniformly published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The issued certificate is recognized all through China.


How can individuals of Macau obtain a National Vocational Qualification Certificate?

Individuals of Macau, as individuals in the Mainland, have to decide the level of testing according to their qualification in the occupation involved. There are different qualification pre-requisites for different trades/levels of testing. Generally speaking, those participating in an Occupational Skill Testing have to receive an occupational skill training for a certain number of hours established by the state and may only enroll for the Occupational Skill Testing upon completion. Those who already have a certain academic level or experiences in a particular occupation may enroll directly for the Occupational Skill Testing.


How much does it cost for an individual of Macau to enroll in an Occupational Skill Testing?

The cost of an Occupational Skill Testing depends on the trade and the level of testing. Individuals of Macau enrolling for the testing through the “CPTTM - Macau Center for National Vocational Qualification Assessment” will pay the fee established by the Occupational Skill Testing Authority of Guangdong (exchange rate: RMB 1 = MOP 1):

Level of Testing

Testing Fee

(Theory Knowledge and Operation Skills)                         

Elementary Skilled Workers

MOP 120-240/person-time

Intermediate Skilled Workers

MOP 170-300/person-time


grade Skilled Workers

MOP 230-380/person-time


MOP 600/person-time

Senior Technicians

MOP 700/person-time

Note: The above-mentioned testing fee is for reference only; CPTTM reserves the right for any changes without prior notice.


What other benefits can an individual of Macau get in enrolling himself in an Occupational Skill Testing?

For an individual of Macau enrolling through the “ CPTTM – Macau Center for the National Vocational Qualification Assessment”:

·      CPTTM arranges preparatory course for the testing;

·      CPTTM organizes the trip to the Mainland for the testing, subsidizing transportation and accommodation fees, before the establishment of an assessment venue in Macau;

·      passing candidate is awarded with a bilingual (Chinese and English) Vocational Qualification Certificate by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the People's Republic of China.