Administration Structure

Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Chairman Dr Eric Yeung    
Office Manager Un Wa Lok  Tel:8898 0896 Email:
Office of the Director-General
Director-General Victoria Kuan Tel:8898 0822 Email:
Office Manager Kathy Jung Tel:8898 0832 Email:
Office of the Deputy Director-General
Deputy Director-General Jack Chang Tel:8898 0823 Email:
Office Manager Odete Carion Tel:8898 0821 Email:
External Cooperation & Marketing Department
Senior Manager Carina Leong Tel: 8898 0835 Email:
Manager Royee Wong Tel: 8898 0836 Email:
Standards, Management, Training & Assessment Department
Senior Manager Helena Lei Tel:8898 0818 Email:
Standards & Certification
Manager Jenny Ho Tel:8898 0834 Email:
Assistant Manager Sinyor Lam Tel:8898 0830 Email:
Professional Development
Manager Joe Tai Tel:8898 0860 Email:
Assistant Manager Terry Vong Tel:8898 0864 Email:
Training Coordination
Manager Tiffany Chan Tel:8898 0843 Email:
Creative Fashion & Image Department
Senior Manager Laney Ng Tel:8898 0715 Email:
Professional Development – Fashion & Image
Manager May Wong Tel:8898 0705 Email:
Promotion – Fashion & Image
Manager Lena Fong Tel:8898 0732 Email:
Industry Support
Manager Miko Chao Tel:8898 0709 Email:
Macao Fashion Gallery
Assistant Manager Ma Ka Hei Tel:8898 0724 Email:
Information System & Technology Department
Senior Manager Terence Liem Tel:8898 0837 Email:
Professional Development – Information Technology
Department Manager Alan Au Tel:8898 0615 Email:
Assistant Manager (Course Administration) Cintia Hoi Tel:8898 0605 Email:
Assistant Manager (Coordination) Teresa Lei Tel:8898 0606 Email:
Promotion – Information System
Manager Thomas Mak Tel:8898 0857 Email:
Assistant Manager (Information System Promotion) Kennis Tai Tel:8898 0829 Email:
Human Resources & General Affairs Department
Human Resources & General Affairs Department Raquel de Oliveira Tel:8898 0833 Email:
Human Resources
Manager Chio Sai Peng Tel:8898 0862 Email:
General Affairs
Manager Raquel de Oliveira Tel:8898 0833 Email:
Finance Department
Financial Controller Roy Lau Tel:8898 0846 Email:
Accounting and Treasury
Manager Candace Leong Tel:8898 0844 Email:
Procurement & Asset Management
Manager Lok Cheong Tel:8898 0824 Email:
General Coordination Department
Senior Manager Francisca Vong Tel:8898 0815 Email:
Manager Andy Leong Tel:8898 0870 Email:

Last updated at 2023-10-26.