MaConsef 2018春夏系列




MaConsef 2018春夏系列嘗試向眾人訴說這個犯禁的話題。服裝以解構、不對稱的剪裁;以繩帶、披口、手縫、拼接等處理和細節;布料亦大膽採用  不同的獨特質材  結合;系列色彩卻回歸平淡的黑白灰大地色⋯⋯窺探現代人都市生活表面下,漸漸泄露病變的精神狀態。

MaConsef 本系列繼續追求實用而時尚設計的理念,服裝將女性塑造成性格強烈、獨特而帶著神秘感的形象。

“Now is the start of a time of mental sickness” – Nan Huai-Chin

The biggest threat to mankind in the 21st century is not illness, but mental state.

The MaConsef 2018 Spring/Summer collection tries to expound this taboo topic to the world.  Each piece of the collection is put together with deconstructive, asymmetric cutting.  Details are created by ropes, frayed hems, hand stitching, and fabric splicing.  Bold choices of unique and unconventional fabrics are used to complement the look.  On the other hand, insipid colors such as black, white, and earth tones are used as the color scheme to create the contrast.  It is a symbol of peeking underneath the normal looking lives of modern urbanites to gradually reveal their slowly failing mental states.

This collection of MaConsef continues with the design concept of stylish practicality.  On the image side, the collection projects strong-willed, independent, and mysterious looking female.

2017設計小組/ Design Team 2017


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